Behavior Management

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our students.  We know that the positive management of behaviors is critical to academic and social success, for this reason we have developed a school-wide behavior management system.  GPA's behavior management system is most effective when it is also implemented at home.

GPA facilitates a series of parent meetings to help establish a strong home / school connection. We believe if we work together (parents, teachers and administration) we can all make a difference in your child's life and in the classroom.


GPA School / Class RULES

1) Be Purposeful

2) Be Respectful

3) Be Kind

4) Work and Play Safely

5) Listen and Follow Directions


GPA's Behavior Management System: 

Classroom positive reinforcement behavior charts: Students will be assigned a color to represent their daily classroom behavior.  We encourage students to earn the colors through positive words, creative activities, engagement, and differentiation.

Incentives (positive reinforcement): 

* GPA Bucks: GPA will provide rewards and opportunities for students to earn GPA dollars ($G).   These $G may then be saved and used to shop at the GPA Store of Excellence (small toys, books, etc.)

* "Globons" (coupons): Students may earn $G and "Globons" for outstanding behavior and academic excellence.  Globons may be used for assistance on quizzes, rewards, assignments, waived homework and / or activities.

* Purposeful Honor Board: Students who earn the color “blue” in a primary classroom will be honored by displaying their photo near the front entrance of the school.  In order for students to be eligible to be highlighted on the Purposeful Honor Board students must not have any “yellows” or “reds” during the week.

* Purposeful Habits: GPA’s Purposeful Habits is a system that provides objective consequences and rewards to students.  Based on the color they receive “red” or “blue”, students will randomly select a consequence (“red”) or reward “blue”.

Differentiation: Some students misbehave when they have difficulty learning and do not prefer a specific subject.  Differentiation allows the teacher to address the individual needs of the student at their level and pace.  This encourages the student to learn effectively and improve their self-confidence. A positive self-concept is important, as students who learn to believe in themselves tend to also believe in others.  They tend to develop more positive thoughts and behaviors.

* Parent / Teacher communication: Teachers will communicate with parents via the following ways: daily folder/binder, e-mail and in-person (via meetings / conferences). Parents are also encouraged to write notes / e-mail the teachers to share relevant information that may provide context regarding an issue the student may be having at home / school.   These parents and teacher notes are very important to understand the root of the behavior, which will help us better address the issues.

Home consequences: Parents are encouraged to review their child's school folder daily.  It is important to discuss your child's day and review the teacher's comments regarding academic and behavioral progress. Parents should follow through on consequences (positive reinforcement) that is reflective of their child's day at school.  The students will start to understand that their school day impacts their rewards at home and vice versa.

Health & Nutrition: A good night's rest, drinking lots of water and a healthy diet are very important as it impacts the student's ability to focus and learn.  GPA encourages parents to provide healthy meals at home and ensure their child gets proper rest. According to the American Psychological Association, children who consume unhealthy foods can have trouble concentrating, become easily fatigued, listless or irritable and are likely to face difficulties in learning, which can lead to behavioral and social problems.  Children who eat healthy are able to cope with stress and regulate their emotions better.

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