International Studies

GPA's international education teaches students about countries and people from around the globe. Our goal is to create globally-minded learners from an early age. We celebrate the varied global traditions and cultures, and teach our students to respect this diversity.

International Fair

One way in which our students pursue global-mindedness is through our Annual International Fair. All of our students participate in the exploration of something foreign, whether that be a country, a city, or a unique characteristic of another culture. Students choose a country and explore it in creative and fun ways. During a celebration of cultures, students give presentations that focus on their exploration of the country's music, history, interesting facts, food, geography, symbols, and politics.

International Trips

Each year, our students have the opportunity to explore world cultures up close. Last year, we went to school in Belize at Peninsula International Academy. This year, our students will be journeying to the Dominican Republic.

We are seeking a new location. All applications received as of November 1, 2016 will be added to a waiting list. We are no longer located at: 675 Pleasant Hill Road Lilburn, GA 30047.
(770) 797-5246

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