Student Transformation

The journey of the Global Purpose Academy student: 

Toddler = Caterpillars (toddlers are consuming information in order to learn and grow). 

Preschool = Chrysalis (preschoolers are growing and transforming into beautiful beings).

Pre-Kindergarten = Butterflies (students are evolved persons, they become more independent learners). 

Kindergarten - 1st grade = Explorers (students explore the world around them, they are inquirers and gatherers of information).

2nd - 3rd grade = Innovators (students use the information they gather to create ideas.  They seek to find solutions and work together to innovate). 

4th - 5th grade = Scholars (students build on their ideas and express what they have learned.  They seek ways to share their knowledge and make a contribution to the world). 

We are seeking a new location. All applications received as of November 1, 2016 will be added to a waiting list. We are no longer located at: 675 Pleasant Hill Road Lilburn, GA 30047.
(770) 797-5246

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