The Purpose Approach is a methodology to help administrators and teachers improve academic performance and develop global minded individuals.   

It also aims to enhance the spiritual, emotional, social and cognitive development of students.  It is a holistic and innovative approach to provide experiential learning while building self-confidence, appreciation for diversity, critical thinking skills, compassion for others and respect for the environment.  

The Purpose Approach enables children to self-reflect, interact, connect, process information, assess and problem-solve beyond the classroom… to the student’s home, community and the world.  

The Purpose Approach endeavors to empower students to be extraordinary individuals who are globally competent explorers and achieve excellence in everything.  

The Purpose Approach is a dynamic research cycle that is evolving through consistent testing and learning from parents, teachers and students.


P.E.O.P.L.E. is an acronym for:

Purpose, Environment, Observation, Perspective, Language and Experience.  As a result of primary and secondary research, Tarece Johnson is developing the P.E.O.P.L.E. process to help administrators and teachers develop and enhance global competence for themselves and their students.

Purpose focuses on understanding one’s objective in life.  The approach facilitates the building of one’s self image and understanding of who they are.  It helps one to discover one’s gifts, talents and abilities.

Environment is the space for one to learn and grow. Physical space and emotional energy are environmental factors that contribute to one's success. Images, written words, colors and displays may enhance one's learning experience. Additionally, encouraging words, a positive attitude, openness and creativity may inspire one to excel to greatness.

Observation allows one to witness and process data in a way that provides clarity, helps to solve a problem and facilitates reflection.  It not only improves the way teachers and students learn, but it provides insight into new methods of teaching and receiving information.

Perspective is important for global competence because it helps one to see the world from another person’s point of view.  The level of consciousness that is developed though perspective breeds a leader who is aware of global issues and the impact of their decisions.  Seeing life through another person’s world helps to foster respect, appreciation, acceptance and love for others.  These all facilitate positive business relations and world peace.

Language is an essential part of communicating and connecting with others. It not only helps one to express ideas and negotiate effectively, but it bridges the gap to cultural understanding.  Language and culture are fundamental in developing a global minded person who understands the cultural nuances necessary to conduct business successfully around the world.

Exploration encourages teachers and students to develop a curiosity about other people and things.  It helps one to understand that combating their own internal fears and ignorance allows one to embark on different experiences and gain new information. Experience in other cultures different from one’s own helps to foster cultural, business, political and social understanding.  Immersive international experiences connect language and culture learning in a way that more effectively builds one’s level of global competence because one explores and observes the daily life of others.  One may not only have a unique perspective about people who are different and/or similar, but one develops understanding of self. These are powerful experiences that help one to discover and understand their purpose.  It creates a whole new level of global consciousness that breeds a transformative leader.


Purposeful Benefits

  • Develop self confidence and discipline. 
  • Learn about international relations. 
  • Understand currency and exchange rates. 
  • Hands on learning with students from a different communities and cultures.
  • Learn about geography and history of other countries.
  • Have real life experience in other countries. 
  • Exchange information and experiences with students from other countries.
  • Gain an appreciation of and respect for different cultures.
  • Participate in acts of service (volunteer projects, donations, food drives, etc.)


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