INNOVATORS: 3rd – 4th grade

GPA's international private school is designed to provide customized learning for each student.  Our small class size allows us to provide your child with individualized instruction to address their areas of opportunity as well as develop their strengths.  Our challenging curriculum is multi-leveled and targeted to address your child's needs. 

In addition to our academic focus on math, technology, science and literacy, your child will be exposed to Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish culture / language. Our programs teach children to explore the world around them and embrace the uniqueness of all beings.  We aim to teach children through group projects/activities, daily explorations and tailored lesson plans. 

We are currently accepting reservations for this classroom. Please click on the following link to be placed on our waiting list: PLACE MY CHILD ON WAITLIST


We are seeking a new location. All applications received as of November 1, 2016 will be added to a waiting list. We are no longer located at: 675 Pleasant Hill Road Lilburn, GA 30047.
(770) 797-5246

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