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This video describes the mission, vision, and philosophy of Global Purpose Academy. 

*Please note the location has changed since the video was created.* 


Founder, Dr. Tarece L. Johnson

Additional Information

Tarece L. Johnson, EdD is a Mother, Author, Advocate, Activist, Abolitionist, and Artist. She is a Multicultural Expert and Educational Leader. She is committed to making a difference through profound love and service. She is a global minded individual who advocates for multicultural and multilingual education, immigration, justice, equity and human rights. Dr. Tarece L. Johnson is dedicated to the improvement of international education, mental/spiritual health, community development, diversity, inclusion, and abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline.


Originally from Houston, Texas, Tarece Lynette Johnson moved to Puerto Rico to attend La Universidad del Sagrado Corazon earning a BA, and then continued her studies in New York City at Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs, achieving an MPA. She later earned an MBA from Emory University's Goizueta School of Business. As an entrepreneur, she also founded Beauty & Glory, a natural hair and body care product line (2009).

Tarece L. Johnson's love for teaching and mentoring children and her commitment to quality multicultural education, led her to create Global Purpose Academy (2012) and co-create Peninsula International Academy (in Belize). Tarece Johnson, also earned an EdD in Educational Leadership and Management with a focus on multicultural and multilingual education. Dr. Tarece L. Johnson, created The Global Purpose Approach which is an educational resource designed to ensure that individuals acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and perspectives to become effective, kind, compassionate, respectful, moral and empathetic global citizens. Dr. Tarece Johnson speaks fluent Spanish, intermediate level French, and basic modern Hebrew. She is currently improving her language skills (Mandarin) and learning Biblical Hebrew.

As a public figure, Dr. Tarece Johnson aims to make a difference in her community, nation, and the world through her acts of service, kindness, moral courage, and love. She has worked tirelessly on issues that impact disenfranchised people and communities. She believes that love can heal and bring peace to our world.

Dr. Tarece is a Jew and the co-founder of Multicultural Jewish Alliance (social/spiritual group). Her Jewish name is Hadassah Hannah Solomon . She is active in the Jewish community in the Atlanta metro area and a member of Temple Sinai. As a Black Jew womanist, she sees and feels a spiritual connection to Judaism (with a focus on Kabbalah). In all the stories, celebrations, prayers, and rituals, she sees her people as one people and she feels "home" in Judaism (Renewal/Reconstruction/Reform). She is spiritually and soulfully connected to being and doing Jewish and hopes to continue to share the intersections of her identity and those of many other multicultural people around the globe who found their way "home". She aims to contribute her talents, skills, and abilities to uplift, connect, and edify her Jewish and Black communities. She is dedicated to working with ALL people of all abilities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, status, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Her dream is to make the world a more loving, peaceful and harmonious place, where all people may be free to be who they are and to prosper joyfully.