Goals & Curriculums


Our Goals

* To create and maintain a safe and healthy environment filled with love and attention to foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical development that respects the dignity and contributions of each child. 

* To develop relationships of mutual trust and respect with our children, families and communities.

* To develop positive attitude about self, school, community and the world. 

* To empower children to help them develop the ability, strength and confidence to make choices for themselves and accomplish the things they set out to do. 

* To recognize, honor and respect the unique talents, qualities, skills, abilities and potential of each child. 

* To foster innovation and creativity. 

* To develop servant leaders and strategic thinkers. 

* To ensure enhanced skills in literacy, math and science. 

* To use technology to enhance the learning experience and international connection. 

* To have an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all children to thrive, learn and grow.

* To develop global minded children. 

* To develop multilingual children.

Global Purpose Academy Pledge

We are, therefore I am.

We are Global Purpose Academy and this is our pledge:

Give thanks and honor to God for making me strong, gifted and talented; Be purposeful and do my very best; Respect my parents, teachers, classmates and myself; Respect school materials and property; Be kind, play safely and control my body; Be focused, listen to others and follow directions; Have the courage to be smart and strive for excellence; Explore my community, nation and the world; Be a person of integrity; Live a life of purpose and make a difference in the world; I am, therefore we are. This is my Global Purpose pledge.

Standards & Curriculum

Learning Standards 

• Academic Knowledge and Learning Standards

• Common Core Standards 

• International Standards 

• Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards 

Curriculum GPA’s blended curriculum focuses on enabling children to interact, connect and problem-solve beyond the classroom to each student's home, community, nation, and the world.  

Curriculums includes: 

• Pearson International

• Cambridge International

• McMillan 

• Creative

• High Scope

• Kaplan

• Harcourt 

• Houghlin Mifflin  

• Scholastic 

• Singapore 

Assessments & Tests


GPA conducts on-going assessments and tests to measure the progress of students and help teachers more effectively identify and target areas of opportunities. Students are assessed via the following methods: 

• Daily classroom assignments

• Classroom participation

• Individual / Group Projects

• Oral Exams (Spanish, French & Mandarin)

• Homework assignments

• Quizzes (written & oral) (Weekly)

• Quarterly Assessments / Tests (written & oral)

• Pre test (September) / Post test (May)

• Bi-annual Exam (December & May)

• Observations (in accordance with GPA pledge) 

Standardized Testing (K – 5th grade)

Students take the IOWA Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) (K – 5th grade) and the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) (1st and 3rd grade) in the Spring.