Global Diversity Program (GDP)

Global Diversity Program (GDP) is a youth cohort project where students participate in engaging bi-monthly evening (after school)  and weekend  meetings &/or activities. Students also experience and explore cultural, historic, humanitarian, and environmental field trips & travel. 

This 10-month program is based on The Global Purpose Approach and assigned readings (articles & books) are a central part of the action-based learning students experience. The capstone includes  a presentation and an action-oriented project related to how our youth may impact our local community (and our nation & world).  

Students learn how to be better leaders based on their beliefs, faith, moral character, and values. They also understand how they can make an indelible impact in the community and make a difference in the world. Youth experience a life changing program where they  learn, are inspired, and have open discussions about differences and similarities in cultures, religions, races, and ethnicities. 

Program Value

1) GDP provides students with information and tools to effectively manage diversity. The Global Purpose Approach focuses on character traits (kindness, respect, empathy, and morality), thus reducing issues related to bullying, emotional hate, biases and/or ignorance.  

2) For families seeking for ways to expose their children beyond homogenous spaces, GDP attempts to create activities where teens may be integrated with other teens different from them. They learn from one another and will hopefully build life long connections.  

3) GDP  addresses all forms of diversity including religious, LGBTQIAP, color, economic, gender, political, etc. It will provide teens with tools to build skills to be on a team with anyone who may be different from them. 

4) Social justice and service are also integrated in the GDP.  Youth  will participate in community service projects where they may make a difference and help others. 



The Global Purpose Approach

Youth participants will read articles, books, & engage in reflections. Students will also participate in presentations, volunteer projects, & field trips. Participants will have the opportunity to meet & learn from diverse leaders in Atlanta (& around the US)